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People taking Xanax may also need to use some other medications. Some of them may dangerously interact with Xanax. To be on the safe side, you should know about such interactions. Read on to find the necessary information.
Xanax has been present on the US pharmaceutical market since 1981, so a lot is known about its properties. However, not many people know that Xanax may dangerously interact with a big number of other medications. Some of such interactions are dangerous and even life-threatening. To be on the safe side, you’d better learn about all of them before treatment. You can do this by talking to your GP or pharmacist or reading them on the drug label. We’ve compiled some most common and most dangerous Xanax – substances interactions, to share with you.
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Some Key Facts about Xanax
The active substance in Xanax is called alprazolam. It is a medication with a habit-forming potential. For this reason, Xanax is only available by prescription. This drug is primarily indicated to treat anxiety and panic disorder, but it can also be applied in people who have nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. Xanax facilitates the GABA receptors release, increasing the levels of dopamine in the CNS. This shows through decreased anxiety levels, sedation, and muscle relaxation. This medication starts working within 20 – 60 minutes only. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll feel the improvements right away. People with anxiety may notice first improvements only after a week of regular medication use. The effects of a single dose of Xanax last for about 6 hours if you use immediate-release pills or for more than 11 hours if you take the extended-release form. Based on the medical condition you suffer, the entire period of therapy with Xanax may take up to a month (for anxiety) or up to 10 weeks (for panic).

Xanax and Alcohol. Can It Be Safe?
According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 85.6% of adults in the US drank alcohol at some point in their lives. This means that the likelihood of mixing Xanax with alcohol is higher than the risk of its interaction with any other medication. What are the risks of concomitant use of Xanax with alcohol? The main hazard of drinking alcohol when on Xanax is that the effects produced by these substances are similar. If taken in moderate and high doses, alcohol works as a nervous system depressant. As such, appears the synergistic effect, which is the cause of all problems in Xanax-alcohol interaction. The severity of side effects and their type depends on the dosages of alprazolam and ethanol ingested and their ratio. If the dose of alcohol is higher than the dose of Xanax, you are likely to experience strong sedation, lethargy, or pass out. If the dose of Xanax is higher than the dose of ethanol, the feeling of euphoria is more likely. Anyways, their concomitant use is dangerous because of the risks of getting unconscious and falling into a coma. Regular use of Xanax with alcohol may cause alprazolam buildup in the system, which may be life-threatening.

Mixing Xanax with Opioid Drugs
There’s a lot of information proving the hazards of using benzodiazepines, which Xanax is, and opioid drugs. Both of them produce sedating effects on the nervous system, which may result in excessive sedation and respiratory depression. Depending on what dosages of Xanax and opioid medicine one uses, a person may fall into a coma and even die. Studies showed that the concomitant use of benzos and opioids enhances the risks of drug-related buy brown powder heroin online for sale death. Another danger of such a drug mixture is that both benzodiazepines and opioids have habit-forming potential. But if there’s no other alternative, your doctor may prescribe Xanax along with opioid medication. In such a case, only low doses can be used. Besides, close monitoring of the patient’s condition is required.

How Can CYP3A Inhibitors Influence the Effects of Xanax?
The clearance of alprazolam from the body may be slowed down if you use Xanax with drugs that inhibit CYP3A. To CYP3A inhibitors belong erythromycin, fluvoxamine, nefazodone, itraconazole, ketoconazole, and some others. The concomitant intake of these medicines results in alprazolam levels going up. This enhances your risks for unwanted reactions, including severe ones. To avoid unwanted reactions, the use of Xanax and potent CYP3A inhibitors is not recommended. So if you use any of the mentioned drugs, but need to start on Xanax, tell about it to your doctor. Xanax interactions are diverse. Some of them are lower risk, while others may become a deadly mixture. So whatever medication you are going to use with Xanax, you’d better ask your GP about the safety of their interaction. As for alcohol, you should abstain from it for the entire period of taking Xanax. However, it’s not a huge sacrifice for your safety, don’t you think so?

Dental anxiety is very real, but the good news is that it’s completely manageable. If you experience anxiety before your dental appointments, you are not alone! Researchers have found that almost twenty percent of the United States population has fears related to dental visits. This is entirely understandable, as the dentist office can often feel like unknown territory. However, there are ways to help with managing dental anxiety.

No matter how nervous you may be to go to the dentist, it shouldn’t keep you from going to your regular appointments. Dental health is not just about your mouth. It’s about your overall health. Avoiding the dentist will only cause more visits in the future.

What Causes Your Dental Anxiety?
Below are some of the most common reasons why some people have dental anxiety.

Pain: Fear of pain is a very common reason for dental anxiety and skipping out on regular visits. Remember that it’s only temporary and will only get worse if you continue to avoid the issue. Personal Space: Having someone’s fingers in your mouth is uncomfortable. Between tools, needles, and fingers, it can be stressful. Injections: The fear of injections is completely understandable. They are uncomfortable and can be painful.
Do You Have Dental Anxiety?
While anxiety and fear may be debilitating, dental anxiety is a more serious condition. Below you will find the most common signs of dental phobia.
Issues with sleep the night before, or days leading up to your appointment.
An escalation of the nervous feeling when you enter the dentist office.
Intense discomfort when thinking about objects being placed in your mouth.
Fear and anxiety so intense you have difficulty breathing.
While these feelings are very real when you experience it, they can be managed. It is completely possible to overcome the fear so that you can maintain a healthy mouth and body!
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Managing Dental Anxiety
Below you will find some of the most helpful tips to get you through your dental appointment.

Sedation Dentistry:
Managing dental anxiety can be quite simple. At OC Laser Dental, we offer options for sedation dentistry in Mission Viejo. Through sedation techniques, you are guaranteed a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Buddy System:
If you can, have a friend, spouse, or partner attend the visit with you. They will be able to distract you or talk you down when you are feeling anxious.

Familiarize Yourself:
If you are close to the dentist’s, take a drive and check it out. If you are far away, pull up Google maps and see where you are going. Look at the staff and dentist’s photos on their website. When you go for your appointment, you will feel more familiarized with the people and area.

Tell your dentist or the assistant how you are feeling. Sometimes saying your fears aloud can help you calm down. It can also alert the medical professionals that they should be aware of your fears and walk you through the process.

Cost-Benefit Analysis:
While this is not a long-term solution, think about the cost-benefit analysis of heading to the dentist. If you go to your regular six-month checkups without issue, you will likely only have to go to the dentist twice a year. However, if you skip the dentist, now you may have to go more often later to make up for the issues that built up when you skipped out!

Dentists in Mission Viejo, California
No matter what your dental care needs are, the team at OC Laser Dental Center is skilled and experienced in getting your oral health in order. As a top dentist in Mission Viejo want to make sure you have a great dental experience and leave with a brighter, more confident smile. They are very understanding of dental anxiety and want patients to feel comfortable in their office. Contact them today for an appointment!

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